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Farmscape Articles
Manitoba Port of Entry Poses Highest Risk For PED Entering Western Canada
Dr. Julia Keenliside - Alberta Agriculture and Forestry [ Tuesday 13 Oct, 2015]
U.S. PED Presence Continues to Threaten Canadian Swine Herds
Dr. Egan Brockhoff - Prairie Swine Health Services [ Monday 12 Oct, 2015]
Hylife Expects TPP to Maintain Canadian Pork Access to Japan and Open New Export Markets
Claude Vielfaure - Hylife [ Friday 09 Oct, 2015]
Canada's Participation in TPP as Founding Member Offers Key Advantage
Florian Possberg - Saskatchewan Pork Development Board [ Friday 09 Oct, 2015]
Manitoba Pork Assists in Locating Farm Workers
Miles Beaudin - Manitoba Pork [ Thursday 08 Oct, 2015]
Researchers Explore Genomics to Identify Pigs Resilient to Combinations of Diseases
Dr. Graham Plastow - University of Alberta [ Thursday 08 Oct, 2015]
TPP Ratification Critical to Canadian Competiveness with U.S.
George Matheson - Manitoba Pork [ Wednesday 07 Oct, 2015]
Chair of Sask Pork Applauds Successful Inclusion of Canada into TPP
Florian Possberg - Saskatchewan Pork Development Board [ Wednesday 07 Oct, 2015]
Pork Producers Encouraged to Impress Upon Candidates Importance of TPP
Rick Bergmann - Canadian Pork Council [ Tuesday 06 Oct, 2015]
Strong Producer Participation Expected in Alberta Pork's Biocontainment Plan
Javier Bahamon - Alberta Pork [ Tuesday 06 Oct, 2015]
Strong Pork Demand Bolsters Live Hog Prices
Ron Gietz - Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development [ Monday 05 Oct, 2015]
NPPC Applauds Reauthorization of Livestock Mandatory Price Reporting Act
Neil Dierks - National Pork Producers Council [ Monday 05 Oct, 2015]
TPP Offers Tremendous Opportunity to Expand Canadian Agri-Food Exports
Ray Price - Sunterra Farms [ Friday 02 Oct, 2015]
Alberta Pork to Release PED Biocontainment Plan
Javier Bahamon - Alberta Pork [ Friday 02 Oct, 2015]
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