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Farmscape Articles
U.S. Urged to Consider Alternative Labelling Options to M-COOL
Andrew Dickson - Manitoba Pork Council [ Wednesday 22 Oct, 2014]
Canadian Meat Processors Call on U.S. to Comply With Latest WTO Ruling of M-COOL
Ron Davidson - Canadian Meat Council [ Tuesday 21 Oct, 2014]
Pork Producers Advised to Step Up Communication to Reduce Risk of Spreading PED
Dr. Betty Althouse - Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture [ Monday 20 Oct, 2014]
Controlling PED Key to Economic Stability and Staff Morale
Florian Possberg - Saskatchewan Pork Development Board [ Friday 17 Oct, 2014]
Manure Sampling Project Paints Clearer Picture of PED Status on Manitoba Farms
John Carney - Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative [ Thursday 16 Oct, 2014]
Feral Wild Boar Populations Raise Disease Concerns Among Pork Producers
Dr. Ryan Brook - University of Saskatchewan [ Thursday 16 Oct, 2014]
Mandatory U.S. COOL Discussed at Tri-National Agricultural Accord in Chicago
Ron Kostyshyn - Agriculture Minister Manitoba [ Wednesday 15 Oct, 2014]
Prevention Most Effective Approach to Addressing PED
Florian Possberg - Saskatchewan Pork Development Board [ Tuesday 14 Oct, 2014]
Pork Producers Advised to Step Up Biosecurity at the Barn Door
Karl Kynoch - Manitoba Pork Council [ Friday 10 Oct, 2014]
2014 Red Winter Wheat Crop Hardest Hit by Fusarium Head Blight
Daryrl Beswitherick - Canadian Grain Commission [ Friday 10 Oct, 2014]
Fusarium Infection in Winter Wheat Challenges Livestock Producers
Jake Davidson - Winter Cereals Canada [ Thursday 09 Oct, 2014]
Latest PED Positive Farms Underscore Importance of Biosecurity
Dr. Betty Althouse - Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture [ Wednesday 08 Oct, 2014]
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