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Farm Brothers Connect with Public Through Music Videos
Greg Peterson - Peterson Farm Brothers

Farmscape for January 16, 2018

A farm family from Kansas is helping bridge the gap between the farm community and the general public through the use of music videos.
In mid-2012 the Peterson Farm Brothers posted the first of what would grow into a series of music videos that depict life on the farm.
Greg Peterson, a Kansas State University grad who majored in Agricultural Communications, told those on hand last week for the 2018 Banff Pork Seminar, the group is up of himself, his two brothers and his sister.

Clip-Greg Peterson-Peterson Farm Brothers:
The first video was I'm Farming and I Grow It.
It's a parody of I'm Sexy and I Know It and it was just supposed to be a funny parody video we were making for our friends.
We took that original song and changed the lyrics to be about farming instead and we posted it for our friends to watch and it ended up going viral on the internet with five million views in a week.
We filmed it primarily with cell phones over about a month long period, my brothers and I while we were working on the farm.
It was received just overwhelmingly positive.
It was shared throughout ag communities all over the world and ever since then we've continued to make multiple videos each year.
I think the key messaging is that farmers A, are important.
Everyone is affected by farmers because everyone eats.
B, they're not bad people.
They're not intentionally abusing their land or animals because their land is what gives them their living.
The same with the animals.
It doesn't make financial sense and then it doesn't make ethical sense either.
There's no reason for farmers to do things that would hurt what they're working with or to hurt the food supply because farmers eat from the same food supply everyone else does.
A lot of what we're trying to show people is what farming is truly like.

Peterson says it's critical for farmers to be communicating with the public to have a voice, to be heard and to be understood.
For more on the Peterson's music videos visit
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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