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Canadian Pork Producers Eager to Adopt New Technology to Improve Competitiveness
Stewart Cressman - Canadian Swine Research and Development Cluster (Swine Innovation Porc)

Farmscape for November 4, 2014

The chair of Swine Innovation Porc says Canadian pork producers have developed a reputation of being eager to adopt new technologies that will help improve the competitive position of their industry.
In June the federal government committed $13,000,000 over 5 years to the Canadian Swine Research and Development Cluster or Swine Innovation Porc under Growing Forward-2 to support strategic research, enhance competitiveness, drive innovation and promote long-term growth and sustainability of the Canadian swine industry.
Swine Innovation Porc chair Stewart Cressman says the priority is applied research that producers can adopt quickly.

Clip-Stewart Cressman-Canadian Swine Research and Development Cluster:
The main focus is looking at research that will have application in the next 3 to 5 years in producer's farms.
I remember listening to Ron Ball make a presentation out at Banff Pork Seminar likely about 3 years ago and talking about the swine industry being rapid adopters of new technology and the new research results.
I think certainly the economic pressures on the industry has required that the industry is more efficient year over year.
I think the swine industry has a long history of being eager to adopt new research results and I think that's really what we see as Swine Innovation, is being a facilitator to ensure that research that is done is key to the industry's needs and we'll continue to strive to do that.
I'm not saying we have arrived yet but that is our mandate and that certainly is our marching orders.

Cressman says the cooperation of the various provinces along with collaborators from the private sector who are putting money on the table to leverage the federal funding has been a positive sign.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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