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BC Pork Joins Swine Innovation Porc to Fund National Research Initiative
Stewart Cressman - Canadian Swine Research and Development Cluster (Swine Innovation Porc)

Farmscape for December 22, 2015

The Chair of Swine Innovation Porc says the joining of BC Pork with provincial pork associations in 7 other provinces to fund pork industry research makes its work a truly national initiative.
Swine Innovation Porc announced last week, BC Pork has joined provincial pork organizations in PEI, New Brunswick, Ontario, Québec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta in supporting the Swine Cluster 2 research program.
Brutish Columbia pork producers will contribute 2.5 cents per market hog.
Swine Innovation Porc chair Stewart Cressman says BC's participation helps fulfill the corporation's goal of being the national "go-to" organization for Canadian swine research.

Clip-Stewart Cressman-Swine Innovation Porc:
Most provinces have research that is regional in nature and this is a national effort, trying to add value to what happens in the individual provinces.
Some of the smaller provinces might have a very limited research opportunity but there might be a significant research organization or university or what ever in their province.
I think really, at the end of the day, our attempt is to bring value to the table for our provincial pork organization partners, to bring value to the table for researchers, get programs that they have access to a bigger pie and grow the pie and then ultimately benefiting the producers, of course, because they are paying the significant portion of the private funding but also the stakeholders that are willing to come forward and we also are partnering with processors.
I think we're truly trying to build this into an organization that benefits all.

Cressman observes for every question researchers answer, 2 more questions are raised.
He says, with the rapid changes in technology, the questions asked this year are different than those asked just 2 or 3 years ago.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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