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Modern Communication Technology Aids in Monitoring Swine Herd Performance
John Van Engelen - Hog-Tied Farms

Farmscape for September 27, 2017

The Operator of Hog-Tied Farms says the use of modern communication technology linked though Wi-Fi has allowed him to keep on top of every aspect of herd performance, dramatically improving the productivity of his operation.
Lambton County, Ontario based Hog-Tied Farms has incorporated various types performance monitors with computers and cell phones connected through Wi-Fi to track all aspects of herd performance.
John Van Engelen says, by using RFID technology he tracks growth rates, he is able to monitor feed consumption and check weights and access performance records on each individual pig instantaneously.

Clip-John Van Engelen-Hog-Tied Farms:
I start my day first thing in the morning.
I spend 15 to 20 minutes on my computer monitoring what's going on inside my barn.
That's the ritual.
Ongoing during the whole day I can monitor what ever I want, go back to the office or monitor from my phone and so I'm constantly monitoring.
I'm tracking average daily gains with pig performance testers.
I have RFID technology on my sorters so I can actually track individual animals on the sorters.
That's the technology that basically makes your operation work more efficient and see where your problems are.
You can monitor that from the computer and you can actually see sick pigs from the office.
Also this technology, when you actually have performance records and you actually want to expand, it's always nice to have records like this to bring to the banker so he knows exactly how good you are doing.

Van Engelen acknowledges this equipment is not always cheap but it brings the information necessary to keep on top of things to your fingertips.
He says that provides the benefits of knowing exactly what's going on at all times and being able to spot and eliminate problems.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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