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Added Fibre to Gestating Sow Diets Offers Range of Benefits
Dr. Denise Beaulieu - University of Saskatchewan

Farmscape for May 10, 2018

Research conducted n behalf of Swine Innovation Porc shows adding fibre to the diets of pregnant sows provides a range of benefits.
Research conducted by the University of Saskatchewan on behalf of Swine Innovation Porc looking at the benefits of providing supplemental fibre to increase satiety among group housed sows was discussed as part of the Prairie Swine Centre's 2018 Spring Producer Meetings.
Dr. Denise Beaulieu, an Assistant Professor Monogastric Nutrition with the University of Saskatchewan, says the bottom line is that, if sows in gestation were allowed free access to all of the feed they wanted, they would get too fat which causes problems during farrowing and they wouldn't eat enough during lactation so, because pregnant sows are limit fed, they're hungry and this causes some behavioral issues.

Clip-Dr. Denise Beaulieu-University of Saskatchewan:
Lots and lots of work looking at fibre for gestating sows.
We know that feeding a higher fibre diet to sows does improve satiety.
These fibres can be added directly into the diet, so mixed in with the pellets that the sow is being fed or they can be top dressed to the sow or given to the sows in a free form as part of the diet.
If you have an automated feeding system that's delivering diet to the sows it would probably be easiest to include the fibre in the diet as part of the pellet so that can be done with the automated feeding system.
Other producers like to feed it as perhaps a straw or something like that and then this would be fed perhaps as a separate feeding system or just given to the sow free choice.
Sometimes that can also add what we think of as enrichment.
It kind of gives the sow something to play with as well.

Dr. Beaulieu says, among sows that were fed supplemental fibre during gestation, researchers saw improvements in feed intake during lactation when the fibre was no longer being provided as well as improvements in the growth of their piglets.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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