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Data Security and Management Top of Mind Among Farmers
Pierre-Olivier Roy - Farm Credit Canada

Farmscape for May 16, 2018

Farm Credit Canada says having the ability to fully utilize and share personal farm data and the confidence that that data is fully secure has become a top of mind issue among farmers.
Farm Credit Canada has received Canada's first agriculture data privacy and security certification.
Pierre-Olivier Roy, the Manager of Product Training and Support in FCC Management software, says the certification assures FCC software users that they have control of all collected data and who is given access to it.

Clip-Pierre-Olivier Roy-Farm Credit Canada:
In this day and age, with social media, data access has become something that is top of mind with everybody.
For us, the certification will actually provide farmers with what they need the most.
We can reassure that only farmer has full control of their own data when using FCC management software.
We will make sure that the data is secure and only authorized parties will be able to access the data and that will be enabled by the customer.
It's something that is top of mind for software companies and 50 percent of our farmers are actually not digitized in the farm records.
The more that we're actually digitizing, that enhanced security is going to be something that is going to become top of mind and they going to want it because that's a bit of a barrier eventually.
How do I know that my data is secure, how do I know who has access to that?
With this seal it ensures that you're the owner of the data.
Whom even we're going to partner with will also go through the process to get the Ag Data Transparency seal for us to ensure that, when we're dealing with partners, we are evaluating their policies and the way that they are using data to ensure the customer is actually protected under our seal and also the seal that they are going to be getting for them to be able to partner with us.

Roy says the goal to create a sector wide culture of transparency in data collection while stimulating trust among farmers in digitizing their farm records.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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