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Pork Must Adapt to Digital Marketing
Jarrod Sutton - National Pork Board

Farmscape for June 19, 2018

The Vice President Domestic Marketing with the National Pork Board says its critical for pork to be part of the new wave of consumer marketing in a digital age.
Pork Consumption in the U.S. has been hovering around 50 pounds per capita and producers are hoping to increase that number.
Jarrod Sutton, the Vice President Domestic Marketing with the National Pork Board, says pork has a lot to offer and by effectively communicating its safety and sustainability and its versatility and flavor consumption can be increased.

Clip-Jarrod Sutton-National Pork Board:
It's interesting times we're living in, especially if you're in the business of attempting to connect with consumers.
There are many ways that you can do that.
Obviously we're living in a digital world.
The CEO from Google actually was quoted as saying "I believe we'll move from living in a mobile world to an AI world."
AI, we talk about it differently in the pork industry.
From a consumer mindset it's about artificial intelligence and that's the technology how quickly things are evolving and the way that people are consuming information and ultimately purchasing products is really something that's important for our industry to be a part of and to be looking around the next corner and over the next mountaintop to see what those emerging trends are and how do we effectively position the pork that we produce to be relevant in that space.
There's a lot of ways we're going about that.
We're having conversations and working on partnership programs with Amazon.
It's important that we're thinking about and understanding how Amazon builds that algorithms that are influencing consumer purchases today and then how pork fits.
We want to be a part of that conversation and a part of the decision making process for what's ordered and delivered ultimately to the consumer.

Sutton says millennials have different expectations than boomers but both eat a lot of pork.
He says there are opportunities to increase consumption amongst all of the different segments and the National Pork Board is compiling a ton of research to understand how to be relevant and targeted for each of those different segments of consumers.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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