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Research Demonstrates Pork Sector Commitment to Animal Welfare
Joel Sotomayer - Transport Genie

Farmscape for July 30, 2019

The president and CEO of Transport Genie says research being conducted to develop systems to monitor animal welfare and improve biosecurity during transport demonstrate the pork sector's commitment to animal care.
As part of a Swine Innovation Porc research imitative Guelph based Transport Genie, in partnership with the University of Saskatchewan, is developing new sensors designed to track parameters related to swine welfare during transport and monitor trailer temperatures during cleaning and disinfection.
Transport Genie President and CEO Joel Sotomayer says endurance testing being conducted by the University of Saskatchewan will help ensure the final prototype is able to withstand the rigors of transport through Canada.

Clip-Joel Sotomayer-Transport Genie:
Right now we are creating a brand new board to make sure that the materials that we're using survive the vast temperature ranges that we have in our country and the work that's being done by Dr. Fonstad will be used to validate that our sensors will be strong enough to withstand really hot temperatures, really cold temperatures and then also survive the duration of a really bumpy ride from point A to point B.
I think there's been a lot of public attention paid to how animals are being transported and what the agriculture community is doing.
By the creation of this sensor, with the work that we're doing with the University of Saskatchewan, we can give public assurance that Canadian researchers and Canadian companies are doing their very best to make sure that animals are taken care of.

Sotomayer acknowledges the work is still in the very early stage but, once the University of Saskatchewan has completed its tests, modifications will be made and he anticipates a more robust prototype to be ready within the next year or so.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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