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Swine Innovation Porc Science Advisory Board Identifies ASF Research Priorities
Dr. Andrew Van Kessel - University of Saskatchewan

Farmscape for February 1, 2021

A working group coordinated by Swine Innovation Porc has identified six priority areas for African Swine Fever research.
"ASF Research Priorities in Canada" was discussed last month as part of a Swine Innovation Porc webinar on African Swine Fever preparedness.
Dr. Andrew Van Kessel, the Associate Director Research with VIDO-InterVac and the Chair of Swine Innovation Porc's Science Advisory Board, says surveillance and animal health, biosecurity, destruction and disposal, mental health, economic impact and knowledge transfer have been identified as research priorities.

Clip-Dr. Andrew Van Kessel-VIDO-InterVac:
Not surprisingly surveillance and animal health was an area which contained a large number of research priorities.
Biosecurity, primarily here we were looking at the issue of wild pigs.
I think we're all familiar with the logistical and humane challenges associated with mass euthanasia, including the need to be able to dispose of carcasses in a manner that does not cause distribution of the virus and hopefully inactivates the virus.
Mental health is a huge concern, mental health of all participants in the Canadian swine industry.
Similarly, for economic impact, from a research perspective, we'd be asking whether an examination of similar cases where we saw an abrupt end to business activity in the livestock industry.
If we were to study those cases would we identify best practices for preserving that industry and for facilitating its rapid return to economic sustainability.
Knowledge transfer, a major area of interest for Swine Innovation Porc and are we able to engage our small scale producers and work collaboratively with small scale producers to protect the Canadian swine industry.

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Bruce Cochrane.

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