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Saskatchewan Harvest Reaches 82 percent complete
Mackenzie Hladun - Saskatchewan Agriculture

Farmscape for September 22, 2023

Saskatchewan Agriculture report this year’s harvest advanced rapidly over the past week and has reached 82 percent complete.
Saskatchewan Agriculture released its weekly crop report yesterday.
McKenzie Hladun, a crop extension specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture, says producers made the most of another dry week.

Quote-Saskatchewan Agriculture-Saskatchewan Agriculture:
Saskatchewan producers have made a fantastic progression this week with harvest and the harvest is now 82 percent completed.
This is ahead of our five-year average of 64 percent and the ten-year average of 62 percent.
Producers are now hoping for timely rains to hit the ground once their combines are put away for the end of the year.
When we take a look at things regionally we see that the southwest is essentially completed with 97 percent of the crop off and only a few acres remaining of flax.
The west central region continues to make great progress with 92 percent of this year's crop harvested.
The southeast has 79 percent followed by the northeast and northwest at 75 percent and finally the east central region has 66 percent of the crop harvested for the year.
We asked our crop reporters to report on yield a couple of weeks ago and what we saw is that yields are essentially very close to what it was last year, which is quite nice.
A lot of producers are commenting that their yields are better than what they were expecting, however this is very variable across the province and it all depends on where those rains hit this growing season.
What we are seeing right now is that our producers are focussing on harvesting their oilseed crops and have made substantial progress this week.
Canola 65 percent complete across the province up 23 percent over last week.
Mustard is 97 percent completed, soybeans are 47 percent and flax is 39 percent.
Oat harvest has proceeded rapidly with 79 percent of the crop harvested.
This is an increase of 21 percent from last year.
Durum is now 94 percent completed, barley is 92 and wheat is 88 percent.
The chic pea harvest has progressed with 87 percent of the crop off.
Harvest of fall cereals, peas and lentils is completed for the year.

Hladun says crop reporters have indicated quality has not much of an issue and a lot of our crop quality ratings are slightly ahead of the ten-year average so the hope is that trend will stay the same for the rest of the year.
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Bruce Cochrane.

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