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Unfavorable Weather, Insects, Gophers and Plant Disease Slow Crop Development and Result in Crop Losses
Meghan Rosso - Saskatchewan Agriculture

Farmscape for June 21, 2024

Saskatchewan Agriculture reports, with seeding virtually complete, rain and cooler temperatures continue to slow crop development and losses have been reported over the past week due to frost, hail, excess moisture and insects.
Saskatchewan Agriculture released its crop report Thursday for the Period from June 11th to 17th.
Meghan Rosso, a Crops Extension Specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture says seeding is virtually complete with only one percent of acres remaining unseeded, primarily due to frequent rain and excess moisture conditions being experienced in some regions of the province.

Quote-Meghan Rosso-Saskatchewan Agriculture:
Cooler temperatures and excess moisture conditions are causing delays to overall crop development.
Fall cereals, spring wheat and oilseeds are falling further behind their normal stages of development as compared to previous weeks.
Warmer temperatures would be appreciated by producers to support crop advancement as we move throughout the season.
Rain fell throughout much of the region again this week with some areas receiving significant amounts as we move to the northern areas of the province.
Although the rain is supporting crop growth in some regions of the province, it's causing crop stress and disease in others that had received excess moisture this week.
As we look to crop damage this week, there's been reports across the province for various reasons.
Producers report overall minor crop damage due to frost with some crops still being assessed at this time.
Excess moisture has caused moderate crop damage in some areas with some crops yellowing and showing increases in leaf disease.
Producers in some regions are applying fungicides to slow the development of diseases in these crops.
Gophers, flea beetles and grasshoppers continue to cause crop damage throughout the province.
It is reported that in some areas gophers and flea beetles have caused severe damage and producers have had to reseed.
As grasshoppers continue to increase in numbers, producers are continuing to take control measures when needed.

Rosso says, for many producers, this is still a stressful time of year and they are encouraged to take safety precautions in all the work they do.
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Bruce Cochrane.

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